Tips and Tricks Clash of Clans The Complete Guide Townhall Level

Indonesia has become one of the countries with the highest Clash of Clans players. In addition Clasher Indonesia is also well respected by clasher from other countries. Base to upgrade uniform and high level is one reason why Indonesia clasher quite respected. The average level townhall clasher Indonesia is TH level 7. At this level there are still many Clasher who just played in the game Clash of Clans hack gems, and some are already playing long but trapped in this level. Therefore we will allot you a complete guide for you in order to prosper and move on from TH 7.

coc hak

Upgrade Guide TH 7

Building upgrades
using Elixir
spell Factory
Army Camp
Dark Spell Storage
Gold Storage
Dark Elixir Drill
Gold Mines
Dark Barrack
using Gold
Clan Castle
Wizard Tower
Air Defense
Archer Tower
Air Sweeper
Elixir Storage
Elixir Collector
You need to know, when upgrading defense tool does not try to upgrade two defense instruments at once. Indeed upgrade defense tool also will accelerate your progress at this level townhall. But you also have to take into account defense, if you are upgrading 2 defense instruments at once, which means you lose two means of defense. And if the opponent can exploit weaknesses in your base, your opponent will be easier to get 3 stars and treasure you.

Upgrade Troop


When upgrading troop troop of course we have to prioritize the most often we use when farming as well as during the war. Each time increase the level townhall I always focus on upgrading troop-troop farming like Barbarian and Archer. If both these troop already has a higher level, we will certainly be easier to farming. Only after that updgradae troop and spells often do you use to farming like a dragon. And to be honest guys I do not overuse the wall breaker when memainakn game Clash of Clans is so I prioritize other troop like Giant, Wizard, and Baloon.


For farming, I recommend you to be in the Silver League II, I and III Gold. Usually in this league there are many players abandoned base. And the target you when farming is the base of the mine and a collector in a state full. This method will allow you to do farming because it does not need to get into your opponent’s base stealing your opponent through the storage so it needs time and troop which is quite expensive.

60% Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7 40% Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7

Troop necessary when farming is not too expensive guys. Barbarian and Archer are the main actors of each of you doing farming. Troop besides cost is also very effective for opponents seize property inside the mine and collector.


Troop Dragon
10xTips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7 2x Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7
Clan Castle: Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7

15x Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7 35x Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7 30xTips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7 2x Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7

Clan Castle: Tips dan Trik Clash of Clans: Panduan Lengkap Townhall Level 7
For those of you who just have Dragon will certainly use this troop to war. Dragon is effectively used during the war, especially if it is coupled with the troop troop Rage Spell’s not invincible.  cheat clash of clans hack tool onlineBut the cost to make the Dragon is a bit pricey guys, then it is necessary elixir in large quantities before you use Dragon troops in the Saar War. But if you want troop at a cheaper cost you can use other strategies that BarchLoon.

Overseas Holiday Tips to First Time

Abroad the first time, certainly felt happy and excited waiting for experience to be obtained. But before that, make sure all preparations are steady.

Currency exchange, learn a bit of the local language, to search for information on the destination country, some fundamental things that a traveler needs to be prepared before traveling abroad. following various preparations required the first time abroad:


1. Swap currencies

Money is one thing to note before traveling abroad. The good traveler rupiah exchange money into the currency of the destination country before starting to go. Or, can also exchange the rupiah to the US dollar to be safe. But remember, do not redeem rupiah abroad, because its value is reduced.

In a money changer, we can exchange the rupiah with a number of small nominal coins as money or coins. Abroad, coins or small nominal will be very useful than the nominal money is great. So it should take a dime is also to be safe.

Then take too much money stashed in a separate place in case if the case it’s needed for the purposes of a sudden or unexpected. But that does not mean you have to spend all the money that was brought ya.

2. Check the weather

If Indonesia only has summer and rainy, then another case with the weather abroad which may have up to four weather seasons. Obligatory for traveler to check the weather in the destination country before departing.

By knowing the weather at the destination, a traveler could expect to bring clothes or certain settings. For example, bring thick clothes for winter, or clothes made from thin and comfortable in the summer. Check the weather let not one costume.

3. Learn the local language

Studying a foreign language is not just for cool-kerenan, but also to interact with different tongues in the destination country. Minimal prior to departure, a traveler needs to know some basic words or phrases in the local language used for everyday conversation.

In addition to communicating or asking questions, learning the local language may also bring traveler with local residents who have many stories that can be shared if a traveler speak the same language. Generally, the locals also kinder to the traveler who could speak their language.

If you do not have time, make sure you speak English sufficiently. English relatively acceptable anywhere.

4. Go transport options

When traveling in another country, certainly a mainstay of public transport best to move at an affordable cost. But his name elsewhere, a traveler should first check the existing public transport options.

For example, in Singapore the use of MRT, or tuk-tuk in India that can be negotiated first. Knowing transportation options at the destination will first memeudahkan traveler trip also later.

5. Make a note of important addresses

Take note, record, and record. That’s the thing garus always carried by a traveler when traveling abroad. Important details such as hotel address, location of the destination station, telephone number and address of the Embassy, to name a place that wants to attend, all it should be noted on a piece of paper or a notebook before leaving.

Its function just in case, especially if the phone battery runs out when you do not bring power bank. It could be unexpected events such as missed phone case. That is the point of entry to address important phone numbers to addresses.

6. Turn off the data packets

When traveling abroad, the cost for internet or phone package would be more expensive than in the country. Therefore, always turn off mobile data package prior to your vacation abroad. Instead of roaming and can even package unexpected charges expensive.

Change your mobile phone SIM card with a local SIM card in the destination country if it wants to surf. Another option is to take advantage of the free WiFi facilities located in the hotel or some other public places.

Lastly and most importantly, a traveler must first seek information or do a little research about the place you want to jump. Another other desert locusts, there are many things to different rules in each place.

To be less blind about the destination city, traveler’s good to find out about travel destinations, food location, until the choice venue and other important printilan. Do not let the new traveler to seek information after arriving at the destination. Can be troublesome later.

That’s a variety of things that must be prepared by a traveler before traveling abroad for the first time. If your preparation is ripe, undoubtedly holiday will also run smoothly and comfortably at ease.

6 Travel Reference When the Idul Fitri holiday in Yogyakarta

Welcoming the Lebaran holiday 2016, Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Department has prepared a variety of tourist activities. Aris Riyanta as the Head of the Department of Tourism (Dispar) Special Region of Yogyakarta told Antara on Thursday (06/16/2016), said special travel activities Eid holiday that begins July 2 to 10 deliberately prepared to increase the attractiveness and long excursions.

“The assumption Lebaran vacation Yogyakarta people who come there are aimed at gathering and there are indeed for recreation,” said Aris.


Aris hopes the presence of a variety of tourist activities during the Eid holiday keDIY able to increase tourist visits, with a target of 10 to 15 percent increase over the previous year, an increase from 2.4 million in 2015 to 2.6 million tourists this year.

“20 Tourism Village in Sleman precisely target each visit about 500-700 tourists during the Eid holiday,” he said.

To achieve these objectives, Dispar Yogyakarta also has scheduled a variety of tourist activities set up with the Department of Tourism in the five districts in Yogyakarta. Here are some of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta which will hold interesting tourist attractions during the Eid holiday.

Tourism Village Brajan

Tourist village located in Sendangagung Minggir Sleman, Yogyakarta, is famous for bamboo handicrafts. Although Brajan just a small village, but the people make this village became famous with many charming bamboo handicrafts. Not only for the local market, bamboo craft village tourism Brajan also have been exported to many countries. When the Eid holiday, which coincides with the harvest season catfish, this tourist village will hold catfish fishing competition for the guests who come.

Museum Mount Merapi

Museum with an artistic style building constructed with the background of Mount Merapi, since its inception in 2010 has become one of alternative tourism destinations in Yogyakarta. Located in the area Hargobinangun, when the Eid holiday this museum has scheduled performances jatilan for tourists who come to visit.

Tourism Village Kadisoba

Kadisoba is a tourist village that upholds the preservation of culture. This is evidenced by the convening still some traditional ceremonies and dances are held in certain times. Some ancestral traditions are still maintained identical to the agrarian culture of Indonesian society, such as ceremonies tedun for example, the ceremony that marks the beginning of the harvest season. When the Eid holiday, this tourist village will hold a number of interesting tourist attractions for visitors, one of which is the race of birds chirping.

Parangtritis beach

The beach is located not far from the center of the city of Yogyakarta is a tourist destination most visited by tourists during the holiday season. In addition to numerous tourist facilities, such as ATVs and wagon, Parangtritis is also famous for its panoramic views of serene sunsets. Eid holiday this year, Parangtritis will host musical performances koesploes.

Goa Selarong

For those of you who like to travel to various places mystical, Goa Selarong be one of the destinations that could be an option. Based in Selarong, Bantul, this cave is a cave historic trail when guerrilla Prince Diponegoro against the Dutch colonialists. However, over the time, many tourists who come to pray while meditating in this cave locations. When the manager of the Eid holiday has been providing entertainment in the form of staging jatilan for the visitors.

Tourism Village Bejiharjo

Tourist village located in the district Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul regency has potential natural attractions are unbelievably charming, one of them is Goa Pindul. In fact, not only that, it also keeps the tourist village archaeological site and the village which retains art wayang beber increasingly scarce. When the Eid holiday, Gunung Kidul district Dispar prepare cultural event with a myriad of exciting events for visitors.

Overcoming High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension has become a disease that is common to many people today, especially for those living in urban areas. High blood pressure or hypertension is a risk factor for stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. And the worst consequences of this disease is death. Therefore, if you can, this disease should be prevented. If you have high blood pressure, you can control the disease. How to prevent and control high blood pressure or hypertension?

Blood pressure

Before discussing about high blood pressure or hypertension, you should know in advance about the blood pressure. When you perform a physical examination or clinical examination to the doctor, there is usually a special tool used by doctors to check blood pressure. Tools to check blood pressure called sphigmomanometer or also known as tensimeter. There is a digital sphygmomanometer and there is also a mercury sphygmomanometer is still commonly used for clinical examination.

Your doctor will check your blood pressure by having to sit or lie down, because it was the best position to measure blood pressure. Then the doctor will usually bind the air bag on his right arm on the arm unless there is an injury. After that, measurement of blood pressure. The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is called pulse pressure.

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure experienced blood in the arteries when blood is pumped by the heart to all members of the human body. Blood pressure created by taking two sizes and usually there are two numbers that will be called by the doctor. For example doctors call 140-90, then the meaning is 140/90 mmHg. The first number (140) indicates the upward pressure of the arteries due to the heart beat or when the heart beat or beats, and is called the systolic pressure, or pressure is often called upon. The second number (90) shows the pressure when the heart is resting between pumping, and is called the diastolic pressure, or often also referred under pressure.


Once you know your blood pressure, you definitely want to know if your blood pressure is low, normal or high.

Why Blood Pressure Rises?

What causes blood pressure to rise? As an illustration, if you’re watering the garden with a hose. If you press the end of the hose, the water that comes out will be faster. That’s because the water pressure increases when the hose is pressed. Additionally, if you zoom in tap water, the flow of water through the hose will be faster because of increased water discharge.

The same thing happens with your blood. If your blood vessels constrict, the blood pressure in the blood vessels will increase. Additionally, if the amount of blood flow increases, blood pressure will also increase.

Causes of High Blood

There are several things that can cause a person has high blood pressure. There are factors that cause high blood pressure that you can not control. There is also that you can control so that it can cope with high blood pressure. Some of these factors include:


This factor can not you control. If someone has a parent or sibling who has high blood pressure, then it is likely he suffered from high blood pressure is greater. Statistics show that the problem of high blood pressure is higher in identical twins than identical twins. A research shows that there is evidence derived genes for high blood pressure problems.


This factor can not you control. Research shows that as a person’s age increases, blood pressure will rise. You can not expect that your blood pressure will be the same as a young man when you get older. But you can control so as not to pass through the normal upper limit.


These factors can you control. Salt can increase blood pressure quickly in some people, especially for diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those who were black.


These factors can you control. Excess fat content in your blood, it can lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. It can make blood vessels constrict and consequently the blood pressure will rise. Control your cholesterol as early as possible. For tips on controlling cholesterol, please see the following articles: cholesterol.

Obesity / Overweight

These factors can you control. People who weigh over 30 percent ideal body weight, are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.


These factors can you control. Stress and emotionally unstable conditions can also trigger high blood pressure.


These factors can you control. Smoking can also increase blood pressure to be high. Smoking habits may increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Therefore, smoking habit that continued when having high blood pressure, is a very dangerous combination that will trigger diseases related to heart and blood.


These factors can you control. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea and colas can cause increased blood pressure.


These factors can you control. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes high blood pressure.

Less Sports

These factors can you control. Lack of exercise and movement can cause the blood pressure in the body increases. Regular exercise can lower your high blood pressure but do not do heavy exercise if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Preventing and Overcoming High Blood

To prevent high blood pressure for those who still have normal blood pressure or high blood for those who already have high blood pressure, then the following practical suggestions you can do:

  • Reduce consumption of salt in your food. If you are already suffering from high blood pressure should avoid foods that contain salt.
  • Consumption of foods containing potassium, magnesium and calcium. Potassium, magnesium and calcium can reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduce drinking alcoholic beverages or food. If you suffer from high blood pressure, should avoid excessive alcohol consumption. For men who suffer from hypertension, the amount of alcohol is permitted a maximum of 30 ml of alcohol per day while women 15 ml per day.
  • Regular exercise can reduce high blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, choose light exercise such as walking, cycling, running relaxed, and swimming. Do it for 30 to 45 minutes a day 3 times a week.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber such as green vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, carrots, melons, and oranges.
  • Run anti-stress therapy to reduce stress and you are able to control your emotions.
  • Quitting smoking also contribute to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Control your cholesterol levels.
  • Control of your diabetes.
  • Avoid drugs that can increase blood pressure. Consult your doctor if you are receiving treatment for certain diseases, to ask for drugs that do not increase blood pressure.

High blood can be Controlled

High blood pressure or hypertension is not a disease that can not be eliminated. You can control and prevent high blood pressure.

Tips on Trips to the crater

Kawah Ijen volcano, on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java is very inappropriate for lovers attended the adventurous. Walk the visitor must be taken within three kilometers of the post late Paltuding through sandy footpaths.

Writers walked for two hours to mencapak peak and the crater of Mount Ijen. But when they arrived at the summit tiredness vanished instantly see the beauty of the crater turquoise combined with a bright blue sky and green forest seklilingnya is still beautiful.


Especially in the early morning thick fog still blanketed very exotic trees to enjoy the scenery. On the way we will also cross paths with sulfur miners haul sulfur on his shoulders until weighing 80 kilograms.

Visitors who come mostly foreign tourists from Europe. On the same day as the beginning of July 2012 the author of nearly 60 Caucasians who come to climb Mount Ijen. While only 20 of the domestic tourists it was mostly a guide from the foreign guests.

Entrance tickets to climb Mount Ijen charged Rp 2,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 15,000 for foreign tourists who are managed by the Department of Forestry.

Here are some tips if you are planning a visit to Mount Ijen

1. Transport

Transportation from Surabaya or Denpasar, Bali could by road to the city Bondowoso. Approximate journey from Surabaya to Bondowoso about seven hours using public transport buses at a cost of Rp 50,000. While from Denpasar to Banyuwangi about four hours by public bus.

From Banyuwangi Bondowoso or post to the end of the three-hour Paltuding can be reached by renting a jeep adventure because the road is a lot broken.

If the way to Mount Ijen backpacker from Terminal Bondowoso No village transportation to the District Sempol cost Rp 15,000. Then the journey continues with a motorcycle taxi to the post Paltuding costs around Rp 40,000. While from Banyuwangi you have to ride transit village at a cost of Rp 10,000 to the District Licin first and then the journey can continue to ride trucks sulfur to post Paltuding only at a cost of Rp 5,000 per person

2. lodging

At the end of the post there Paltuding modest inn run the Department of Forestry in the form of room for Rp 100,000 per night or three-bedroom villa for Rp 500,000 per night. From here you live up to the crater of Mount Ijen waiting time of the morning.

If you want a more comfortable stay at a guest house owned PTP can choose to stay at Plantation Belawan and Jampit with prices starting at Rp 135,000 per room per night. But of the two estates, you should rent a vehicle to get to the post Paltuding six kilometers to the need to climb the mountain.

3. The best time

The best time to visit Mount Ijen is in the dry season from July to September. In the rainy season very dangerous to climb because the road was slippery.

The best time to climb the mountain at 05 000 until 6:00 pm because in the morning the sun is not shining and the long journey to go up and down the mountain about four hours for the casual walker. The view in the morning was more beautiful because of fog that menyelumuti mountain and has not smelled sulfur vapor.

Do not forget to bring a thick jacket, hat, neck scarf and sneakers to gear up the mountain. Senter also required if you want to leave at dawn to the crater.

Grapefruit Diet Menu Effective Lose Weight

Grapefruit is still not too familiar in urban and rural areas. Fruit is also often referred to as the grapefruit can you get in shops large enough fruit. Because grapefruit is indeed different from the usual orange. The difference is in the taste and certainly in appearance with a larger size and the color red. And it turns out grapefruit in the diet can be used to know! Let’s refer to the following review of the Grapefruit Diet Effective Lose Weight

Grapefruit Diet Menu Effective Lose Weight


Due to the influence of solid activity and daily schedules are not always the same, create a number of women on a diet to lose weight instantly. One instant diet is a diet of grapefruit. But do not use drugs such as diet, this diet goes into a safe diet although some lead to the pros and cons. The controversy itself is caused by a diet that only allows dieters to eat certain types of food alone.

Definition of grapefruit or grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit that goes into one type of citrus fruit that is grapefruit, but smaller. Bright orange skin color and sour taste. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. The advantages are the fruit contains an enzyme that can burn fat.

How Diet grapefruit

According to a study in Japan revealed that this diet consume half or drinking 8 ounces of grapefruit juice each meal. With so content in the grapefruit can inhibit enzymes involved in fat and carbohydrate storage and accelerate the burning of fat.

What food consumed in the recommended grapefruit diet?

Diet is one of the classic low-carb diet. So during this diet program you are advised to limit their intake of carbohydrates derived from rice. And replace it with the kind of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or oatmeal. You also have to increase the consumption of meat, eggs, and foods that contain lots of protein and fiber.

6 Tips to Save on Holidays!

Vacation indeed be one way to relieve tired of the routine. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and accommodation is often an obstacle to start the vacation plans. Especially if you want to holiday abroad.

Actually Bright Friends do not need to wait for an outing or a lottery office to feel the holiday fun. It is not difficult to plan a trip in itself. With careful planning you do not need to bother with the budget you. Yuk Friends, consider the tips traveling savers follows!

tips holiday

1.      First thing first: Saving!

Bright holiday destination Wherever and whenever Friends departure, saving is the first and main thing you should do. Try creating a special savings for this one, set aside a month for example, 10% of revenue. After that, if you already know will go anywhere on vacation, you do not need to shell out more money to buy the ticket and other accommodation because it already has the budget itself. Discipline is the key to this first tips, do not forget to save ya!

2.      Research, research and research

Research would be essential before planning a vacation. Do not hesitate to ask your friends who have often traveling to various places. Bright Friends can also search for information via the travel sites, such as the lonely planet or a travel blog . That way you can get an idea of how much it costs to be prepared. Next, calculate the estimated cost of travel to vacation destinations in full. For example, the budget to go around Southeast Asia would be different from the budget to enjoy the beauty of cherry country. Focus yourself to finding cheap accommodation, places to stay economical and affordable tourist area.

3.      Book in advance

According to research conducted by the US Travel and Tourism Industry, 24% choose book in advance alias ordered from long ago as a way in order to be sparing when traveling . This was in line with Rachmat Lianda and Daniel Giovanni , a traveler from Indonesia who buy air tickets long before the big day, even a year earlier. Typically, tickets, hotel rooms and even tour packages are cheaper if bought earlier than the close-close. Another advantage you will not run out of tickets or run out of places to stay.

4.      Search promo

Currently, many airlines to travel agents who often leave for holiday bargains at low prices. Starting from the free seats, a family package, until the price of one price for two people. For those who want to find cheap promo promo, be diligent to open the sites for flights, follow twitter traveler such as postcards or just check a site devoted to provide info such cheap travel package Wego . This is often done by Daniel who often plan traveling through the promotion of economically priced airline.

5.      Convenient and Cheap

Forget staying in hotels when you want a holiday with a cost effective way. Choose a place to stay backpacker, such as hostels, houses of local residents to sleep on buses and trains. Choose a cheap and convenient place to stay as did Daniel when traveling to Manila, choose to live in houses through the support website couch surfing . In addition to friendly to the bag, you can also get info about your holiday destination directly through a local resident. In addition to price, convenience is the main thing. So, before hiring, check out testimonials or reviews from other people. No need to hire luxury rooms anyway, even while on vacation you will not be many in the room, is not it?

6.      Last thing on travelling list: shopping!

Difficult to deny shopping has become one of the list to do when going on vacation to a place. In addition to buying presents for relatives at home, have a distinctive local souvenirs as a keepsake as the main reason. However, what often happens is shopping in the early days of the holiday. The result, not until the last day, you must increase downsize in order to survive before returning home, said Rachmat ever felt this way when traveling to Europe. According to him, the activities should be doing your shopping on the list last. The goal is to save pocket money, and you will not be burdened with luggage too much time to be moved around the place to stay.



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Tips On vacation to the island of Lombok

Lombok Island is now a tourist spot in Indonesia which was much visited by local or foreign tourists travel after Bali. Can take a vacation to the island of Lombok is certainly a fun activity and it will not be forgotten with the people you care about.No wonder so many people are always looking forward to this moment, but sometimes people in big cities plagued with a relatively short time off. Therefore before going on vacation to the island of Lombok there are some things that must be prepared in advance in order to plan your holiday to run smoothly and fun. Here are some tips to plan your holiday on the island of Lombok.

Lombok tour


  1. Plan your trip carefully, including choosing the attractions you want to visit. Can survey the site before the holiday vacation, to know and to make sure that the place you want to go according to your expectations. Take a survey via the internet, travel books or find out through a travel agent. This can be advantageous because we can also find a range of money needed for a vacation on the island of Lombok. You can also find out if there is a travel agent on sale or discounts that can save your trip.
  2. Do bookings from long ago. Such as the selection of transport and booking travel tickets, for vacation this time you will visit the outer islands far enough so that you do not use your personal car. Booking of away days can also be beneficial because we can choose promo ticket and do not run out of tickets at the time of travel.
  3. Customize your financial condition with vacation destinations such as venue, not to drain all the money you deposit. Start by choosing tour packages offered by travel agents, as travel agents will give you a lot of packages with varying prices. By using the services of travel agents in Lombok Island any time you no longer need to bother to look for rental of transportation such as cars. So you can choose and adjust to the financial condition
  4. Choosing the right time. Look for the weather information that is underway in the island of Lombok, if the weather is bad or has the right to the time of your vacation. You should also pay attention to the season is happening on the island of Lombok, months must know what is suitable to enjoy the beach if you like to travel in the coast of Lombok.
  5. Prepare the necessary equipment properly. Recheck the needs of what is needed for your vacation on the island of Lombok, often a lot of trouble on vacation begins something is forgotten though it is just trivial. Like forgotten certain drugs that we need, sunblock preparation was indispensable because mainstay tourist island of Lombok is an exotic beaches. So prepare and check all your luggage before a journey, even if necessary to make a list of the necessary requirements.
  6. Often the source of your biggest expenses is the time to shop for souvenirs. So do not make shopping as a top priority if you do not want to run out of money on the Day holiday. You can find a place to shop cheap and nice, like go to the Market area Cakranegara or other traditional markets. Prepare also cash, because not all stores or shopping places attractions provide credit card or debit card.


In each of your holiday trip be sure to always bring a camera, because you will be presented with a beautiful natural scenery. So a few tips to start planning your vacation on the island of Lombok. Happy holidays to enjoy the beautiful island of Lombok travel.



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7 Places in Banyuwangi Most Charming

Tourist attractions in Banyuwangi has been widely known for the beauty of its natural attractions that captivate. Natural mountains and beaches character makes Banyuwangi become one of the favorite tourist destination in East Java. Banyuwangi travel charm captured the hearts of tourists, this is also supported geographic factors sights such Banyuwangi located between Bali, Surabaya, Malang and Yogyakarta.


Banyuwangi located farthest East Java, directly adjacent to Situbondo regency in the north, the strait of Bali in the East, the Indian Ocean in the South, as well as the District of Jember and Bondowoso in the West. Ketapang port is a port in Banyuwangi connecting Java to Bali.

A number of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi already has an international reputation, the three famous is the crater travel, Plengkung beach, and the beach Sukamade. This has been supported by the government there to carry the name “Diamond Triangle” or Triangle diamond which is a set of three sites above Banyuwangi, because these have the characteristics of a typical tourist, and is unique.

Keep in mind also, Banyuwangi travel charms not only come from nature alone. You can taste the soup salad and culinary variety Banyuwangi Banyuwangi other. Culturally, you will find how interesting cultural attractions in this place.

Here are a number of attractions in Banyuwangi most captivating and worth your visit.

1. Pulau Merah  Beach Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi community refer to it as the Red Island, because the soil is red. The shape resembles a small hill, located not far from the beach that has white sand along the 3 km. You can set foot on the Red Island is when the water is receding, the distance is only 100 meters from the beach. Quite simply walk away. The beach was formerly named Turkish Ringin Pitu, now known as the Red Island Beach.

There are two versions circulating about the naming of the Red Island. The beach is now being prepared as one of the surf spots in Banyuwangi. It has been proved by the International Surfing Competition Championship in 2013 and then followed by surfers from 20 countries. Red Island beaches have wave heights of up to 4-5 m, a surfing spot in Banyuwangi interesting for beginners or even already a pro.

Red Island Beach in the village of Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran. Located about 80 km from the city center Banyuwangi. The price of admission to the Red Island Beach is Rp 3 thousand per person, at weekends to Rp 5 thousand. For tourist attractions in Banyuwangi on this one, you can use public transportation.

From the town of Banyuwangi in Brawijaya ride Bus Terminal Minto / Ujang Jaya Pesanggaran directions to the District, then down Market Pesanggaran, and followed by a motorcycle taxi to the Red Island Beach. If you are from Jember direction, get off at the terminal Jajag, then take a bus to Pesanggaran, and down Market Pesanggaran then followed by a motorcycle taxi to the island of red.

2. Ijen crater (Blue Fire) Banyuwangi

Kawah Ijen crater lake is the largest on the island of Java, administratively located in three districts, namely Bondowoso, Situbondo and Banyuwangi. The crater is located at an altitude of 2,443 m above sea level, with a 200m deep crater. Kawah Ijen sulfur is shrouded in smoke, this makes it has incredible charm, namely the presence of sulfur-colored lake of fire Tosca and blue (blue fire). You can witness this alluring panorama at night until dawn.

In order to arrive at the crater, you can choose two paths, that of the north and south. Paths can be passed from Situbondo north towards Sempol (Bondowoso) and ends at Paltuding, takes about 2.5 hours. If from the south, can be passed from Banyuwangi Slippery which is about 35 km.

To reach the crater, you have to climb as high as 3 km, it takes about 1.5 hours. The slope of the ascent is 25-35 degrees. Fatigue hike will be paid off when he finds a beautiful charm blue fire in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Banyuwangi this.

3. Teluk Hijau “Green Bay”

In Green Bay, you will feel the fresh air mixes with air coastal tropical forests Betiri Meru National Park. From the city of Banyuwangi, the travel distance of about 3-4 hours.
The trip to Green Bay is quite tiring, but you will witness the enthralling sea panorama. You know, this bay is a tourist place in Banyuwangi were still maintained its purity, yet many tourists who come to this place. This is the appeal of alluring that you can find.

4. Tabuhan Island

Wasp island is a tourist destination that is ideal for those who want to go scuba diving in Banyuwangi. The sea water is very clear on this island, and indeed deserve to be one of the sights in Banyuwangi charming.

Located in the village of Bangsring, District Wongsorejo, distance wasp island is only about 20 km from the city center Banyuwangi. This uninhabited island has an area of about 5 hectares with the character of white sand beaches and the sea water is so clear.

To be able to arrive on the island wasp, you have to cross the sea passing Kampe Beach. Access to the beach Kampe This can be through the existing footpath in the garden Pasewaran, which is a garden which is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII. There are many fishermen on the beach Kampe, and there is also a boat that is ready to take you to the island of the wasp with a journey time of about 30 minutes.

5. Lider Waterfall Banyuwangi

Niagara Lider has a waterfall of water as high as 60 m from an altitude of 1300 m above sea level. The charm of the tourist attractions Banyuwangi this one is on the cliff walls of two ravines that press waterfall.

To be able to get in Niagara Lider, you have to travel as far as 45 km from the town of Banyuwangi. When almost close to the falls, you have to walk to the location by traversing a path that is already well.

6. Watu Dodo Banyuwangi

Watu dodol located in the village of Ketapang, located not far from the port of Ketapang and close to the main road towards Baluran National Park. Watu Dodo scenery is very beautiful, you can see the beautiful coastal scenery along the road with hills that are opposite. Did you know, here you can even see the island of Bali.

No doubt, many tourists who stop and relax in Watu Dodo to enjoy the beautiful panorama there. Also, available motel and restaurant ready to serve you at one of the attractions of this Banyuwangi.

7. Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi

The beach is the beach in Banyuwangi Plengkung renowned as the best beach for surfing. Tourist attractions Banyuwangi this one has the reputation of the beach so good to foreign countries as a place to surf. If you want to surf on this beach, the month of May to mid Otober is best for surfing.

In this coastal area, there are many cottages and jungle camp. Plengkung beach is also one of the attractions of East Java that has been widely recognized by the world public. This place is one of the tourist destinations recommended beaches in Indonesia.

Home Kennels Minimalist Design

Maintaining the integrity of the animals in a dwelling house is a complement that gives its own entertainment and also gives the impression that the homeowner is an animal lover. Keep dogs for example, dogs are docile animals that you can make a pet that’s fun. In addition to easy maintenance, the dog can be a protection for your home. To keep a dog at least you have to think about what type of dog that will make your pelharaan whether the type of decorative dogs or guard dogs. With that desire, of course, we needed a place or a dog cage by types, therefore, in this discussion we will give a few examples of the design of the model homes or kennels based on criteria and functions.


Model design of cage or doghouse is usually divided into two general types, namely kennels in the dog’s home and outside the home design. Each type of enclosure is earmarked for the kinds of different dogs. This is done to provide comfort and safety for occupants of the house and the dog itself. Many people do not understand this because it considers all the same, it is driven by a sense of lack of will tahuaan cage or doghouse function properly. Material design model makes the kennels are usually made with a material or materials such as wood and iron, for it depends on the type of type of enclosure needed to be better aware of the function and the ideal type of dog house, I will explain according to the location and position.

Model design houses or kennels in the house usually reserved for dog breed ornamental or housing does have a function as an entertainer host. This type of dog breed is usually small body was like a dog breed poodle and a chihuahua or the like. This dog breed apart in the posture of a relatively small, nor too agrsif or violent so it’s safer if in free roam inside the house. Because of its small size medium, dog home models are better suited if kept indoors complete with special types of cages inside the house.

While the design model home or outside the home guard dog kennels are usually more devoted to the type-jens rottweiler guard dog as well, or local boxer like Kintamani. This type of dog breed does have an aggressive side that is high and likely to be harmful, but not for those that have been domesticated. Because their primary function as a guard dog or type of fighter, certainly for the security aspects, placement of cages outdoors can be an alternative to overcome this. Thus it might be wise to choose the type of enclosure in accordance with the type of the dog itself in order to provide safety and comfort for you as voters around your home and neighborhood.


That’s some kind of design model homes or kennels according to where you place them, hopefully what is provided is useful to you. Another viable for articles you read, we have some interesting articles that are still associated with design houses such as articles on Design Model Modern Minimalist Home Appliances 2 Floor Gallery or Make Ornamental Fish Swimming in the House this. Thank you for your visit, forward Lastest update our article to add your information about spatial design and a more minimalist design houses.

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